​​​Buzz Lightyear Power Projector Talking Action Figure Toy! Watch as I show everything this toy does and how it works.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Take a look at this Buzz Lightyear action figure. It has a bunch of articulation points, buttons and cool affects. The Power Projector has a special chord storage, hand and back storage for easy play. It worked great and was a lot of fun to learn about. Are you a Toy Story fan! let us know in the comments.


▶▶ Product Info
Buzz Lightyear Power Projector Talking Action Figure Toy
1. Attach Buzz’s Power Projector to show an image of Emperor Zurg.
2. Press Buzz’s laser button to blast Zurg.
3. Talks with SFX.
4. Pop-out wings and retractable helmet.

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