​​​Which is your favorite Dwarf from Snow White? This was such a nicely detailed set and fun to check out on video.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: Here is the next set in our retro McDonald's Happy Meal toy set. This is the last set from 2001. From here on out we are moving through the years of sets we have. I really liked this set and the little plush clip on characters were squishy and well made. Did you like this set? Let us know in the comments.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:07 Intro
0:37 Bag Details
1:56 #1 Snow White
3:44 #2 Dopey Toy
4:50 #3 The Queen Toy
6:01 #4 Grumpy Toy
7:17 #5 The Witch Toy
8:24 #6 Doc Toy
9:12 #7 Happy Toy
10:08 #8 Sleepy Toy
11:17 #9 Sneezy Toy
12:19 #10 Bashful Toy
13:26 The Complete Set!

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