​​​Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Piston Peak Air Attack Action Shifters Track Set. I get to launch my Firefighter Dusty!

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▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Introduction/Box Overview
1:38 Toy Parts/Set Up
3:57 Putting Stickers On The Set
12:45 Track Assembly
17:59 Adding Dusty To Rollers
18:43 Fire Targets
19:14 Launch Mode
20:47 Top View!
21:40 Using Planes From Different Set
23:15 Playtime!

▶▶ Product Info
Going Sky-High With Disney's Planes Disney•Pixar's Cars takes place on the ground, and soaring in the skies above are new worlds of incredible speed, adventure and fun! In Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue, beloved star Dusty Crophopper joins an elite fire-fighting crew to protect Piston Peak National Park. Lots of high-flying comedy and even hotter -- literally -- adventures are in store! Team Dusty, from the ground to way up in the air, kids become a part of Dusty's thrilling journey and his diverse team of friends. In the film, the personalities and talents are as varied and compelling as kids are themselves. Dusty is a loveable, small town plane with big dreams and he has to rely on friendship, courage and teamwork to pull through! Together, kids discover anything is possible! Interactive action an extension of the Action Shifters play experience, the iconic Piston Peak Air Attack Track Set delivers epic, hands on rescue activities.

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