​​​Sing N' Yodel Jessie Doll! What a fun pull string Jesse doll from Toys Story with over 20 sayings!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always fun for me to check out a new doll. Jesse had a lot of great sayings and was really well made. She has a soft rag doll body, sculpted head, boots and hands. She is the Sing N' Yodel doll for sure. I think we ran through all of the 20 sayings. Here are some of them. Yodel-ay, yodel-ee, yodel-ay-ee-hoo!" - "Howdy! I'm Jessie!" - Yo-de! ay-ee-hoo!" - "Sure is nice ta' meet cha!" - "Home, home on the range! Where Woody and the Round Up Gang play!"


▶▶ Product Info
Jessie has a soft rag doll body with sculpted head, hands, boots, belt and hat.
Makes the perfect companion for Sheriff Woody or Bullseye (available separately).

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