Monsters University Play-Doh Barber Shop Scare Chair Set, Disney-Pixar. Play-time with LPS-Dave!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I thought the purple guy was Randall! Thanks to everyone in the comments for letting me know this is Art! I like to work with Play-Doh, but I'm not very good at molding shapes. I guess the more I play with it, the better I will get. It was cool being able to do this Monsters University Set! The best part is seeing that hair pop-put in the barber chair - watch the video and see.


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جامعة وحوش دوه لعب الحلاق "Чудовища университет Play-Doh Фризьор" "怪物大学玩橡皮泥理发师" "Play-Doh Barber monstra univerzity" 'Monsters Universiteit Play-Doh Kapper" "Coiffeur Play-Doh Monsters University" "Monsters University Play-Doh Barber" "בית ספר למפלצות פלסטלינה מספרה" "Università di mostri Play-Doh barbiere" "モンスター大学プレードウ理容室" '괴물 대학 플레이-Doh이 발사" "Potwory i Play-Doh fryzjer" 'Universidade de monstros Play-Doh barbeiro" "Университет монстров Play-Doh Парикмахерская" "Universidad de monstruos Play-Doh barbero" "ร้านมอนสเตอร์มหาวิทยาลัยเล่น Doh"

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