​​​Monsters University Mike Wazowski Cake Pop Kit, 2013 Disney-Pixar. Time for me to make cake pops!

Lucky Penny Thoughts: Any time i start a kit like this I do get a little nervous that it will not go well in a video. The reason is that we do not have back-up sets to work with. I prefer doing it this way so I can get the full experience, good or bad on video. Some times baked items do not turn out perfect, but I still go through with the video and get to the end result. I liked making these Cake Pops! My decorating skills are not the best, but always remember to have fun and with creativity, you can do whatever you want.


Key points in video:
0:15 Unboxing
1:51 Getting Started Directions
2:33 Cake Mix & Frosting
4:21 Shaping Cake Dough Balls
7:08 Melting & Stirring Green Wafers
9:28 Dipping Cake Pops
14:22 Decorating Mike Cake Pops
16:57 Painting Mike's Face With Frosting
22:00 Eating A Cake Pop

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جامعة وحوش ديزني-بيكسار "Disney-Pixar чудовища университет" "迪斯尼皮克斯的怪物大学" "Disney-Pixar monstra univerzita" "Disney-Pixar Monsters Universiteit" "Disney-Pixar Monstres Université" "Disney-Pixar Monsters University" "בית ספר למפלצות דיסני-פיקסאר" "ディズニー ・ ピクサー モンスター大学" "디즈니-픽 사의 괴물 대학" "Potwory i Disney Pixar" "Университет монстров Disney-Pixar" "Disney-Pixar Monsters University" "มหาวิทยาลัยมอนสเตอร์ดิสนีย์พิกซาร์"

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