​​​Bugs Life Ant Island Live Ant Habitat. I wish we put ants in this really cool ant farm.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a really neat ant farm. I wish we still had it, but we sold this on eBay. I liked the Bug's Life movie and thought it was cool there was an ant farm to go with it. You can still order ants online and see them in action in an ant farm like this. Remember, without a queen the ants will eventually all die because they need a queen to keep them going.


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ديزني بيكسار البق الحياة النمل الموئل "Disney Pixar бъгове живот мравка местообитания" '迪斯尼皮克斯虫子蚂蚁栖生活" "Disney Pixar štve život Ant stanoviště" 'Disney Pixar Bugs leven Ant Habitat" "Disney Pixar Bugs vie Ant Habitat" "Disney Pixar Bugs Life Ant Habitat" "דיסני פיקסאר החרקים החיים נמלה בית גידול" "Disney Pixar bug vita formica Habitat" "ディズニーがピクサー バグの人生アリの生息地" "디즈니 픽 사 버그 생활 개미 서식 지" "Disney Pixar błędów życie mrówek siedliska" "Disney Pixar vida formiga Habitat de insetos" "Disney Pixar ошибки жизни среда обитания муравьёв" "Disney Pixar bichos vida Ant hábitat" "ดิสนีย์พิกซาร์ Bugs อยู่อาศัยชีวิตมด"

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