​​​Disney Mickey & Minnie Cupcake Maker Set. Butch and I had a blast making cupcakes! They were tasty.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always fun trying out a new maker set. This was a complete kit, we just needed to add a few items to make the cupcakes. Butch was dressed up for the Christmas Season and it was fun having him with me on this adventure. This was one of his first maker kits


[Key points in video]
0:14 Introduction/Product Overview
1:13 Unboxing & Parts
2:52 Ingredients Required
3:32 Scrambling Eggs
5:27 Mixing Eggs & Cupcake Mix
5:54 Adding Butter
7:20 Pouring Batter Into Paper Cups
9:34 Out Of Oven
10:00 Making Frosting
12:15 Frosting The Cupcakes
13:50 Decorating The Cupcakes
17:15 The Finished Cupcakes - Time To Eat!
18:07 Final Thoughts

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▶▶ Fun Translations
Check out these fun international language product translations!

ديزني ميكي ميني كب كيك "Дисни Мики мини Cupcake" "迪斯尼米奇米妮蛋糕" "Disney Mickey Minnie košíček" "Disney Mickey Minnie Cupcake" "דיסני מיקי מיני הקאפקייקס" "ディズニー ミッキー ミニー カップケーキ" "디즈니 미키 미니 컵 케 익" "Disney Mickey Minnie ciastko" "Disney Mickey Minnie queque" "Disney Микки Минни кекс" "Disney Mickey Minnie Cupcake" "ดิสนีย์มิกกี้มินนี่คัพเค้ก"

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