​​​Movie Toy Time! Disney's Maleficent is out in theaters and we got the Dark Beauty Maleficent and the Beloved Aurora Dolls to show everyone!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is fun to show new items to everyone. The new Disney Movie released May 30, 2014 looks to be an exciting movie! Both Aurora and Maleficent moved at the elbows and waists and the dresses had a lot of nice detail. I hope you enjoyed the video and let us know in the comments if you are going to see it. If you already saw the movie, let us know!


▶▶ Product Info
Maleficent Basic Fashion Doll
Play out the story of the beautiful and mysterious Maleficent and make her come to life! The 11.5 inch Maleficent Fashion Doll features the dark beauty Maleficent in her black, glittery gown with dramatic drape and detailed iconic curved horns. This doll has a true-to-character look and feel inspired by Disney's Maleficent.

Aurora Basic Fashion Doll
Live out the magical and enchanted world of Sleeping Beauty with the captivating, beautiful Aurora. The 11.5 inch Aurora Fashion Doll features beloved Aurora in her light blue gown with golden floral accents placed throughout her silhouette and detailed sash. This doll has a true-to-character look and feel inspired by Disney's Maleficent.

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