​​​Check it out! the Deluxe Flying Baymax & Hiro Figure. Let's see all of the features and what it can do. Watch the video...

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is really cool we got to check out this 12" Disney Big Hero 6 Action figure with bonus Hiro to ride on his back. He does all sorts of different things, including sounds, shooting and lights. Once you put the magnetized Hiro on his back, then he changes his sound based on the way he is flying, either level or up and down. I had fun learning about this toy!


▶▶ Product Info
Big Hero 6 Baymax Deluxe Flying Action Figure is ready to fly into battle, using all his weapons and features to save the day... just like in Disney's movie, Big Hero 6. Disney's computer-animated movie Big Hero 6 is inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero team. Baymax is huge at 11-inches tall, with a wingspan that extends to 18-inches! Activate the lights and sounds or save San Fransokyo using his launching rocket fist. Baymax features pop-up wings and 20 points of articulation. He comes with a 4 1/2-inch tall Hiro figure, which when attached to Baymax's back unlocks additional flying sounds that vary from descending rocket sounds to ascending sounds, depending on whether Baymax is pointed up or down!

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