​​​Disney Animal Kingdom 12 Toy Happy Meal Set! One of the best sets I have ever seen! Watch the video and see them all.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I really liked the variety of toys in this Disney Animal Kingdom Set. From a squirt gun to a moving zebra! My favorite was the #11 Crocodile Figurine. It was nicely detailed and had a cool jaw open when you pressed his back. The overall detail on the toys was pretty good and each had a unique movement or action.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:12 Intro/Happy Meal Box Overview & Activity
6:40 #1-4 Toys
7:05 #1 Triceratops Figurine
8:48 #2 Toucan Figurine
10:35 #3 Gorilla and Baby Figurine
12:46 #4 Elephant Squirt Toy
14:55 #5-8 Toys
15:11 #5 Ring-Tail Lemur Clip-on Figurine
16:44 #6 Dragon Figurine
18:26 #7 Iguanodon Figurine
20:04 #8 Zebra Figurine
21:40 #9-12 Toys
21:57 #9 Lion Figurine
23:15 #10 Cheetah Mobile Figurine
24:42 #11 Crocodile Figurine
26:06 #12 Rhino Mobile Figurine
28:00 All 12 Toy Set!
30:51 Slideshow!

▶▶ Product Info
1998 McDonalds Disney Animal Kingdom Happy Meal Set
#1 Triceratops Figurine
#2 Toucan Figurine
#3 Gorilla and Baby Figurine
#4 Elephant Squirt Toy
#5 Ring-Tail Lemur Clip-on Figurine
#6 Dragon Figurine
#7 Iguanodon Figurine
#8 Zebra Figurine
#9 Lion Figurine
#10 Cheetah Mobile Figurine
#11 Crocodile Figurine
#12 Rhino Mobile Figurine

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Check out these fun international language product translations!

ديزني الحيوانية في المملكة "Дисни животинското царство" "迪斯尼动物王国" "Království zvířat Disney" "Disney Animal Kingdom" "ממלכת החיות של דיסני" "ディズニー ・ アニマル ・ キングダム" "디즈니 동물의 왕국" "Disney królestwa zwierząt" "Reino Animal da Disney" "Королевство животных Диснея" "Animal Kingdom de Disney" "ดิสนีย์ราชอาณาจักรสัตว์"

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