​​​Discovery Kids 3-In-1 Balloon Pumper

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[Key points in video]

0:04 Introduction
1:11 Instructions
2:32 Operation Of Pump
2:48 SpongeBob Container
3:46 Pumping Up A Balloon
4:19 Balloon Tying Technique
5:22 Pumping & Filling Balloon With Max 20 Pumps
6:57 Adding Water - Testing The Misting Feature
9:08 Close Up Of Water Pump
9:24 Filling Water Balloon (Green)
10:09 Filling Water Balloon (Blue)
11:35 Filling Water Balloon (Purple)
12:34 Filling Water Balloon (Yellow)
13:20 Filling Water Balloon (Orange)
14:11 De-pressuring The Pumper
14:40 Refilling The Pump
15:09 Filling Water Balloon (Red)
16:47 Creating Our Water Balloon Rainbow
17:19 Final Thoughts
17:42 Throwing Balloons!

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Watch our product feature video for a Discovery Kids 3-In-1 Balloon Pumper - 250 Colorful Balloons!

Items in this video:
Discovery Toys 3 in 1 Balloon Pumper
SpongeBob Party Bowls

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