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Wow! I got so lucky when I found that Ancient Roman Bronze Coin from between AD 306 and 420! I had no idea and when I checked with All MIne Products, they said it was just luck :) I decided before I started the video that I would open them three different ways, but technically it was 5!

1. Hammer & chisel
2. Hammer Smash
3. Shallow bowl soak 4. Submerged in water
5. Baking soda & vinegar

I was pleasantly surprised that each coin is in a protective case and had the details of the origin and some factual data of the country. I hope to get more in the near future, but excited to be able to share this with everyone on video. Did you like the Scan-O-Matic? Check out the feature video for this product.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Dig Toys Coin Mine - All Mine Products - Ages 5+

#1 Republic Slovenia 1998 (Salmo Trurra Fario)
#2 Republic De Nicaragua Central America 1994
#3 Zonghua Renmin Conheguo 1993
#4 Laos Coin 1980
#5 Slovenska Republika 1993 - 10h
#6 Ancient Roman Bronze Coin AD Between 306 and 410

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