​​​Watch me decorate my Pocky with the Deco Party Pocky Sticks Decorating Kit from Takara Tomy.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a fun little maker to show on video. It is easy to use and you can decorate all kind of Pocky in a fun and unique way. Add any decorating extras you want for endless play time. Ooops eating time as well! Give them as gifts or share with friends. What a fun set!


▶ Key Points ◀
0:07 Introduction/Product Overview
0:58 Box Opening, Parts & Instructions
2:00 Kit Assembly
5:15 Pocky Stick Mounting - Side 1
5:58 Sprinkle Decorations
6:35 Pocky Stick Mounting - Side 2
6:58 Winding & Spin Testing The Sticks
7:55 Frosting Preparation
8:34 Frosting A Pocky Stick - First Attempt
9:43 Frosting Pocky Stick #2
10:53 Frosting Stick #2 - Opposite Direction?
11:51 Adding Spinkles
14:05 Decorating Pocky Stick #3
15:07 Pocky Stick #3 - Opposite Direction?
15:42 Adding 2nd Line Of Frosting
16:08 Adding Sprinkles
16:54 Design Features
17:33 Pocky Stick #4 - Reverse Direction First
18:36 Criss-Cross Frosting
18:57 Decorating Pocky Stick #4
20:40 The Finished Pocky Sticks Review
21:20 Eating Them/Final Thoughts

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