​​​This worked great! I was able to trace a drawing and draw a 2-D drawing of my 3-D mini Furby Finger Puppet! This is cool!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always fun checking out a new toy. I like being able to show everyone how to put it together and then how it works. It was really cool seeing my hand through the view finder and then being able to draw it on the paper. I would make sure to secure the drawing table and also the paper before you start a bigger project. It will keep it from moving around.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:03 Intro/Package Details
1:19 Parts
2:09 Instructions/Assembly
3:02 Ready To Draw!
3:58 Eye Piece
5:14 Difference Perspective
5:51 Time To Draw Furby
8:32 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
Crayola Sketch Wizard Draw Anything

Draw almost any flat image or dimensional figure! Sketch Wizard projects a ghosted image on paper, making it easy to recreate. Draw from pictures and photographs or from your favorite action figures or dolls. You can even draw a friend or objects across the room! Comes with a Graphite Pencil and 6 Short Colored Pencils.

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