​​​It was fun making markers with my Crayola Marker Maker Set! I decided to match the colors they suggested for my first time.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is a fun maker set. Being able to make your own markers and create your own colors is really cool. The markers work great and I used them after the video. I ended up making a lot more markers later with the kids. We still have them! If you like to create your own colors and also create something that is useful, then you will really enjoy this set.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:05 Intro / Unboxing
2:20 Parts inventory and basic process instructions
5:05 Setting up maker set components to make markers!
7:25 Assembling a marker barrel
8:34 Picking a marker color and steps involved
9:21 Mixing marker color ingredients
10:11 Filling a marker core
11:18 Transferring core to marker barrel
11:54 Pressing marker
12:39 Capping marker
13:01 Making a blue color marker
15:23 Making a pink color marker
18:00 Watching markers fill up to tips
19:05 Assembling marker box & marker labels
21:48 Decorating marker box
22:15 Final thoughts and the finished product

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