​​​It's time to color your mouth with these fun Crayola Gumballs from Hallmark! They did change the color of my hand!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I always like trying a new candy in a video. I know with a gum that changes your mouth color it is hard to show in a video :) I decided to show them breaking down in liquid and then also against my hand. Watch the video and see how it looks. The gum is really tasty :)


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Add a little color to your world! Each of these fruity gumballs turns your tongue a different color while you chew. Chomp on a variety of flavors to create an impressionist masterpiece in your mouth! Assortment includes: Red -- Cherry, Orange -- Orange, Yellow -- Lemon, Green -- Apple, Blue -- Raspberry, Purple - Grape

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Check out these fun international language product translations!

أقلام الرصاص كرايولا "Моливи Crayola" "蜡笔铅笔" "Crayola tužky" "Crayola potloden" "Crayola Bleistifte" "קריולה עפרונות" "Matite Crayola" "クレヨラ鉛筆" "Crayola 연필" "Kredki Crayola" "Lápis Crayola" "Карандаши Crayola" "Lápices Crayola" "ดินสอ Crayola"

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