​​​Clean hands! Watch as I test out the New Color Wonder Mess Free Airbrush from Crayola.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always fun trying out a new product. We got this at Toys R Us during a store wide sale because we had a lot of requests to see it work. Unlike the other Crayola Airbrush that works with a hand pump system, this one has a little motor inside that takes care of the airflow. This helps smaller kids be able to test their airbrush skills without the harder pump system. It worked pretty good, I wish there was a little more air flow and control. The tube needs to be kink free or the pump will not work. Remember to also keep it on a flat surface.


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Made with little hands and minds in minds! Brighter and more magical! Won't color on skin, furniture or fabric. Using new improved paper and works with ALL Color Wonder markers!

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