​​​Clean hands! Watch as I test out the New Color Wonder Mess Free Airbrush from Crayola.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always fun trying out a new product. We got this at Toys R Us during a store wide sale because we had a lot of requests to see it work. Unlike the other Crayola Airbrush that works with a hand pump system, this one has a little motor inside that takes care of the airflow. This helps smaller kids be able to test their airbrush skills without the harder pump system. It worked pretty good, I wish there was a little more air flow and control. The tube needs to be kink free or the pump will not work. Remember to also keep it on a flat surface.


▶▶ Product Info
Made with little hands and minds in minds! Brighter and more magical! Won't color on skin, furniture or fabric. Using new improved paper and works with ALL Color Wonder markers!

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