​​​Watch our product feature video for Cotton Candy Flavor Series: War Heads, Jolly Rancher & Pixy Stix!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Time for another cotton candy video! This time we take user requests from the comments and try them out on our cotton candy machine. The Jolly Ranchers and the Hard candy Ribbon work the best. Warheads and Pixy Stix do not work for us. The next video in the series also includes requests from our subscribers. check the link below to watch all of the videos in our Cotton Candy Series.


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0:07 Intro & Products Overview
1:55 Making Jolly Ranchers Cotton Candy
6:47 Making War Heads Cotton Candy
10:26 Making Pixy Stix Cotton Candy
12:29 Making Sanders Ribbon Cotton Candy
14:54 Final Presentation

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