Huntly's Paper Warplanes F4U Corsair & Nieuport 17 vintage warplanes. Get ready for a fun paper airplane build

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is the first video in what I'm thinking will be a three 30-minute video build. Since this is my first paper airplane like this and I know it will be a learning curve. I hope you enjoy this video series!


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Huntly's Paper Warplanes
F4U Corsair Vintage Warplane Paper Airplane
Nieuport 17 Vintage Warplane Paper Airplane

0:08 Checking out the paper airplanes
4:18 Going over instructions, start scoring and cutting
8:51 Cutting the main fuselage out
15:30 Finish cutting and scoring - review so far
20:44 Cutting out section to install the straw support
23:10 Installing straw support and gluing it in place
26:19 Gluing all the tabs and getting the main section ready

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