​​​I go banana's! Watch as I take a banana flavored candy, dip it in chocolate then sprinkles and eat it!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: After I made the video I thought it would have been cooler to shape the candy into a banana! You can see my creations at the end in the slide show. It was easy to shape and added a little more creative fun to this Coris DIY Kit. This was not a kit like Kracie where you mix the ingredients to make another food item, but still fun when you add the bonus banana shapes!


▶▶ Skip Times
0:12 Intro/Package Overview
1:09 Opening/Parts
2:12 Ingredients
2:55 Dipping Chocolate & Sprinkles
3:20 Taste Testing
4:15 Final Thoughts
5:24 Slideshow

▶▶ Product Info
Coris Horadekita Banana & Chocolate With Sprinkles DIY Japanese Candy Kit. Kit Includes Banana candy, chocolate packet, sprinkle packet and a mixing tray.

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