​​​Thanks to Made By Mommy for choosing Butch to get a special call to action award from Kid President! Butch was in tears...

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Wow! Butch was brought to tears when he realized he got a special award from Made By Mommy, another popular YouTube channel. Butch had no idea about the award! I thought it would be fun to shower him with pounds of bacon in honor of such a prestigious accomplishment. Butch was so hungry he started eating the award! Once we got started, we could not stop creating unique bacon bowls filled with all kinds of tasty food, including BACON! We were both ready for a nap after this video. Thanks for watching and thanks to Made By Mommy for this award! Also...thanks to Kid President for inspiring us all!


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وأدلى الرئيس كيد الأم بيكون "Направени от мама хлапе президент бекон" "由妈妈孩子主席培根" "Od maminka dítě prezident slanina" "Gemaakt door Mama Kid Voorzitter Bacon"

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