Easily create decadent Donuts with custom designs in minutes! The Cool Baker Donut Maker requires no baking! Just add water to the mix and place in the fridge for 15 minutes. Decorate your donuts with chocolate & pink vanilla icing using the drizzle or rosette icing tips! Add rainbow sprinkles for a mutli-colored effect! The Donut Maker has everything you need to create 3 decadent donuts. Discover the easy-to-make no bake donuts with the Cool Baker Donut Maker!
  • No-Bake Donuts for creative, yummy, fun!
  • No oven, no microwave, no baking needed. Just fill, chill and enjoy!
  • Comes with everything you need (just add water) to make 3 donuts.
  • Perfect activity for parties, holidays,classrooms, rainy days and more!
  • Includes: 1 Cool Baker Donut Maker, 2 Icing Tozzles, 1 Donut Tray, 1 Bowl, 1 Spatula, 1 Spoon, 1 Brown Donut Mix, 2 Icing Mixes, 1 Rainbow Sprinkles