​​​I really like going back and re-doing makers that we have used in the past. It gives me a chance to correct the original video and make new recipes!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This Circus Boy Ice Cream Maker was based off a TV show with the same name from the 50's. The show starred Micky Dolenz as Corky. I believe the boy on the box cover looked is a drawing of him. The Ice Cream Bar does not make "Bars", but the ice cream that goes in them. As you can see from the video, this works great and is one of the fastest ice cream makers we have ever used. In this video I use the Junket Simply Strawberry Ice Cream Mix, Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch and a Taco Bell Exclusive Mountain Dew Baja Blast.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Introduction
2:00 Getting Started/Filling Chilling Cylinder
3:30 Mixing Ingredients
4:57 Spinning/Making Ice Cream
7:15 Taste Sample
9:27 Inside Look/Process
10:37 Sundae
11:35 Baja Blast Mix
19:04 Hawaiian Punch Mix
24:11 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Products Used

Junket Simply Strawberry Ice Cream Mix
Mountain Dew Taco Bell Exclusive Baja Blast
Hawaiian Punch Sugar Free Single to Go

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