​​​This is the final Skillet Gift! I did 4 different skillet sets this Christmas Season. Which was your favorite?

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was sure a journey! 4 different cast iron skillet mixes! I still think the Hershey's Brownie was my favorite. They were all a lot of fun. I did like this kit because it required more steps, which were different then all of the other kits. It turned out pretty good, although I think my yeast needed more time to activate. It was tasty, just not as soft as I like my cinnamon rolls. Which was your favorite to watch?


▶▶ Skip Times
0:03 Intro/Package Details
0:42 Parts/Directions
0:53 Seasoning The Pan
1:20 Mixing Ingredients
3:50 Kneading The Dough
7:38 Place Into Pan
8:48 Rolling Dough
10:49 Basting With Butter
11:10 Sprinkle With Cinnamon Sugar
12:41 Making Cinnamon Roll Shape
13:10 Baking Time
13:22 Making Frosting
15:52 Taste Testing
17:30 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
Cinnamon Roll Cast Iron Skillet Christmas Gift

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