This item has never been used and all pieces are sealed. The box has considerable damage but nothing inside was affected . The food packets are still sealed but I would advise against using them as they are from 1999. Includes: 1) Recipe Cards 2) Super Duper Dough 3) Pizza Cutter 4)Mix it up spoon 5)In 'n Out pizza pusher 6) sauce packets 7) 2 pizza pans 8)zippy cheese 9)Pizza factory with chucke on top and a see through window that lets you watch it bake. 10) Box states that chuck e Cheese tokens are inside so they must be in one of the sealed plastic packages as nothing has been removed. Made by Wham O this is item number 13007 and was original $30.00 in 1999.
  • Have your own Pizza Party at home!
  • Includes everything you need to make 2 delicious Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza!
  • Recipe cards give you cool ideas for tons of tasy treats!
  • CAUTION: Electric Toy. Not reccommeded for Children Under 8