​​​Watch our product feature video for a Kracie Popin' Cookin' - Choco Neri Chocolate Flavor Candy Making Kit.

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[Key points in video]

0:14 Introduction/Package Overview
0:42 Steps
1:26 Adding Brown Packet #1 - Mixing
3:30 Adding Yellow Packet #2 - Mixing
4:43 Adding Red Packet #3 - Mixing
5:58 Removing From Tray & Splitting Into 2 Treats!
6:58 The Final Product & Taste Test
7:44 Final Thoughts

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Lucky Penny Thoughts:
Kracie sets are always fun to make. This Choco Neri Kit was easier then most sets to get to the final product. With all Kracie Happy Kitchen Popin' Cookin' you need to take your time and follow the steps. This chocolate candy kit was one of the best tasting sets I have tried.

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