​​​Chill Factor Slushy maker! I made a watermelon flavor slushy in minutes and it tasted great.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: The Chill Factor worked great and I easily made a watermelon slushy. It was as easy as they say! Freeze, Squeeze and Enjoy! If your looking for a simple way to make a great summer treat, then this will do the job. I like testing out new makers!


▶▶ Skip Times
2:25 - Going over the parts and the drink
2:57 - Opening Watermelon Drink and confirming 8 oz
3:15 - Pouring drink into slushy cup
3:46 - 7:00 - The squeeze process
7:17 - The first taste
7:52 - Recap and final thoughts
8:21 - How to put it back together

▶▶ Product Info
Chill Factor™ products are innovative, original, easy-to-use and fun!

Our secret is RFT, or Rapid Freeze Technology. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can turn ordinary ingredients into super chilled, extraordinary slushies and snacks. And the best part... no mess and no fuss.

In our kitchen everyone can be the ultimate master chef! Chill Factor™ finally means chilled drinks and treats using your favorite ingredients, anytime you want. You decide what goes in and how little or big the serving should be. Chill Factor™ products are always conveniently ready to go in your own freezer, not just when the stores are open.

The team behind Chill Factor™ is always working on new ideas and exciting ways to make super cool, super easy, yummy goodness for you. From our head office in Melbourne, Australia our goal is to make Chill Factor™ readily available throughout the world. To find your local stockist please click here.

Keep cool and remember it's as simple as freeze, squeeze, enjoy!

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