It has been awhile since I have done a McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Set. I like the movie Chicken Little let's check out the toys..

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I was able to put two polls on this video! If you get a chance, can you help me and answer both questions. I have been doing more polls to see what everyone likes. I was looking forward to this set and it has been in my reach for a month! I hope to get back on the Happy Meal Toys and I'm interested to see the results.


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0:08 Chicken Little 2005 McDonald's Retro Happy Meal Kids Toys
2:15 #1 Chicken Little Whizzer Toy
4:12 #2 Fish (Fish Out Of Water) Toy
7:40 #3 Buck Cluck Toy
10:13 #4 Chicken Little Baseball Toy
14:18 #5 Alien Baby Toy
15:31 #6 Runt (Runt Of The Little) Toy
16:55 #7 Abby Mallard (The Ugly Duckling) Toy
19:17 #8 Foxy Loxy Toy
21:35 The Complete Set

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