​​​Snack and drink time! This is a Route 11 and Old Time Sarsaparilla soft drink. What a tasty combination.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I always enjoy trying a new potato chip and soda. I fell really lucky that I can share that experience with you on video. I definitely do not do these types of videos to make you jealous! I'm also not bragging that I get to try them. I'm not sure why people would think that, because I have always just showed them so people that may never get the chance to see them can learn about them and maybe one day try them.


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Chesapeake Crab Route 11 Potato Chips
When you get a hankering for a summer crab feast, but you're miles away from the shore, these chips are the cure. We use the same special blend of finely ground peppers, salt and sugar that the waterman and restaurants use when steaming up bushels of crabs. These chips are a mid-Atlantic regional favorite and not recommended for the inexperienced or faint of heart. ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS NO SEAFOOD.

Old Town Root Beer Sarsparilla

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