Chef Boy-ar-dee Party Pizza Kids Toy Oven - Light Bulb Baking! Here is an oven I have wanted to show you for along time. I finally was able to find one complete with all of the parts. I thought it baked really good. The crust edge was not crispy, but the bottom did get crispy. It makes a pizza larger then an Easy Bake Pizza. Which of my two pizza's did you like more?

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Chef Boy-ar-dee Party Pizza Kids Toy Oven - Light Bulb Baking!

0:08 - Checking out the box
2:26 - Going over the parts and learning about the oven
4:49 - Starting the pizza dough
8:54 - Prepping the veggies and meat
12:23 - Putting the dough on the pans
16:37 - Adding the sauce, cheese and topping
18:47 - Putting first pizza in the oven
19:16 - Looking in the oven
19:42 - Looking at the first pizza on the oven
20:05 - Checking the pizza
20:20 - Close-up of pizza in oven
21:00 - Putting in the second pizza - adding cheese
21:52 - Tasting the meat lovers pizza
23:51 - Taking out and tasting the second pizza with final thoughts

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