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Chico (Ugly Pets)
Nutso the Squirrel
Chirpy The Bird

Honorable Mentions

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the zany cast of characters at the Lucky Penny Shop.

Clicking on each photo will take you to a special page where you can learn more about each character. Find out what their favorite food, movie, and even what their favorite TV shows are.

Butch is our main character and appears to have taken over the role of “Shop Manager”!  He cleans up and keeps track of the inventory. Butch is big on recycling and making sure no food goes to waste.  Many times we catch Butch hanging out with Little Sprout eating snacks, or learning more about US History from Abraham Lincoln in the break room. If you're a fan of Butch make sure you click on his Bio Page to learn more about him. As you watch more videos from the Lucky Penny Shop check back here to learn more about our cast of characters.