​​​Learn how to make a funnel cake with the Carnival Funnel Cakes maker set. This was a fun set to try out!

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I just never know what will be next on the list to have a video made. Some times we just look at our maker stock, grab the item and make the video. This was my first time ever making a Funnel Cake! I have had plenty at carnivals, but never made my own. As you can see from the video it is not that hard to do and it turned out really good.


▶▶ Product Info
Why wait for the fair when you can make your own funnel cakes at home? Included in this Funnel Cake Starter Kit are: 9-oz. cake mix, pitcher and cake ring. Just heat up the oil, whip up the mix and use the pitcher to pour the batter into the ring. After cooking, top with powdered sugar or your choice of sweet stuff. Funnel Cake Kit makes 8-10 cakes. Why wait for the fair? Make your own funnel cakes at home! Kit makes 8-10 funnel cakes A fun family activity Great for parties!

▶▶ Skip Times
0:07 Product Overview
0:51 Unboxing & Parts
1:55 Directions & Setup
3:06 Mixing Batter
4:37 Frying Pan Setup
5:33 Pouring in Batter Mix
6:33 Cooking A Cake
8:25 Adding Powder Sugar
8:45 Cooking Another Cake
11:45 Making an Apple Cinnamon Cake
15:52 All The Funnel Cake Creations!

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▶▶ Fun Translations
Check out these fun international language product translations!

كعك القمع "Фуния торти" "漏斗蛋糕" "Nálevky dorty" "Trechter gebak" "Gâteaux entonnoir" "Trichter-Kuchen" "עוגות מעשנה" "Imbuto torte" "漏斗のケーキ" "퍼 널 케이크" "Lejek ciasta" "Bolo de funil" "Воронка торты" "Tortas de embudo" "เค้กกรวย"

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