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Here we go! Another monthly box from Japan Crate loaded with tasty snacks & candy from Japan. It was really nice to see my favorite snack "Potato Fry Salt and Butter" in this box! These are really tasty and I'm glad I got to try them again. I have looked at local Japanese grocery stores to try and find them, but have not been able to yet. There were a bunch of tasty snacks in this box and each month I find new tasty treats that I like.

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Candy & Snacks! Japan Crate Monthly Subscription Box My Favorite Snack!
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Mike Popcorn Spring Clam and Sakura Shrimp
Hi Kick Lollipop Candy Strawberry
New Fue Ramune
Potato Fry Salt and Butter
Morokoshi Wataro Corn Puffs Spicy Doubanjiang
Poterongu Garlic Steak
Nericcho Soft Ice Cream Strawberry
Pakkuncho Chocolate
Sweet and Sour Nakano Konbu Snack
Banana Man
Carrot Rice Puffs
Ponsuke Seaweed
Futatsu No Shokkan Soda Jelly Melon
Gari Gari Cheese Twists
Gummy Choco Strawberry

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