​​​Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombie Transit Farm Playset allows you to build your own zombie environment in Call of Duty style.

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▶▶ Product Info
The shambling undead march ceaselessly about the Zombies TranZit Farm. The buildable farm is a huge structure measures 17L x 8.5W x 9H in inches and is set as the focus for the four highly detailed zombies who are out to find their next victim.

The TranZit Farm includes a spinning windmill, breakaway boards, opening and closing barn doors, even buildable lava. Included are farm-based accessories to use as makeshift weapons, and action-reaction areas to fool the zombies with like the bale drop. All four zombies are extremely detailed, and are perfect for anyone's assault against the forces of the undead.

▶▶ Skip Times
9:25 Introduction/Package Overview
10:33 Box Opening
10:57 Parts Inventory
11:29 Parts Overview

Start Build:
Steps 1-3 11:55
Steps 4-6 17:22
Steps 7-8 25:05
Steps 9-14 27:17
Steps 15-17 36:04
Steps 18-21 44:51
Steps 22-24 52:29
Steps 25-29 55:46
Steps 30-31 1:02:34
Steps 32-34 1:07:04
Step 35 1:11:02
Step 36 1:15:04

Final Presentation & Thoughts 1:16:58

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Bloks ميجا, 巨型 Bloks, מגה בלוקס, メガブロック, 메가 Bloks

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