​​​I get to build the Call Of Duty Mega Bloks Collector Series Set! I like building these sets and had fun with this one.

Buy Here ▶ http://luckypennyshop.com/mega-bloks-call-of-duty-mountain-recon/

Lucky Penny Thoughts: What a cool set from Mega Bloks. I like to do these builds on video. This was a small set compared to other sets I have built. I go step by step and record the entire process. That is just they way I like to make videos. If your a fan of Mega Bloks and like building them, let us know in the comments.


▶▶ Key Points in video
0:04 Introduction/Product Overview
0:34 Box Opening, Instructions & Parts
1:45 Getting Started - Building COD Figure
6:18 Building Vehicle
13:13 Vehicle Complete, Adding COD Figure
13:35 Extra Pieces (Weapons, Helmets)
16:35 The Finished Product!
17:14 Final Thoughts

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