​​​These flavors were a blast to create with! I made Popsicles and snow cones with my Spongebob Ice Shaver!

Lucky Penny Thoughts: When I started this video I had no idea what I was going to do. Once I figured out the plan I forged ahead and had fun testing all of the different ice combinations. I think all of the flavors are pretty nice, so I can't say I like one only as my favorite. I did like bringing in the ice shaver and testing that on video for the first time.


▶ Skip Times ▶
0:07 Video Intro
0:31 Reviewing All The Flavors
1:27 Getting Started
2:13 Making Flavored Ice Cubes With Park Rat (Strawberry)
4:07 Making Flavored Ice Cubes With Chipmunk #2 (Cappuccino)
5:38 Making Flavored Ice Cubes With Swisher Sweet (Coconut)
7:19 Making Flavored Popsicles With Mogul Melon (Key Lime)
8:53 All The Different Frozen Ice Cube Trays
9:37 SpongeBob SquarePants Ice Shaver Time!
13:11 Time To Show You The Flavored Popsicles

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