​​​Butch puts on his dancing shoes and has a blast with Noggin Bops! Max and Molly Dancing Robots from California Creations.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Here is another installment of Z Windups wind up toys. These are called Noggin Bops! They shake there Noggin while their Boppin' Butch gets into the act and dances with Molly! Then Max knocks her over and LPS-Dave teaches him a lesson for knocking over a girl! All in good fun and part of free-play the Wind Up toys make for some good wholesome fun! We have more toys from California Creations!


▶▶ Product Info
Z WindUps is the fastest growing collectible, plastic wind-up toy company in the world. New designs and functions are changing the way people view both design and the intricate functions of plastic wind-up toys.

In addition, wind-up toy enthusiasts around the world love the simple innovation of using translucent plastic that allows people to see the intricate details inside the toy as it performs.

In the coming months and years, Z WindUps will continue to release functions that have never been seen before in a wind up toy of any kind (including tin).

Our goal is to bring back the simplicity and innovation of toys. We believe that every Z WindUp can put a smile on a face, no matter how young or how old, because when you wind-up a Z WindUp, it comes to life!

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