Collect Belle Berrysheep! Bubbleezz Jumbo Squishy Figures are even more squeezy fun! Each filled with hundreds of Bubbleezz Beads, the Bubbleezz Jumbo Squishies are extra cute and extra bubbly. Transform your Bubbleezz character by pushing the Bubbleezz Beads around. Search for the 3 hidden Power Charms inside every Jumbo Squishy Figure that give them their special powers and personality. Carry Bubbleezz Jumbo Squishy Figures with you for sensory, on-the-go play, or build your collection at home. Squeezable fun for 8 and over.
  • Bubbleezz Jumbo are giant collectable characters that live and play in a parallel Bubble verse - a squeezy bubbly world of wonder & fun!
  • Each Bubbleezz has hundreds of Bubbleezz Beads inside that move around as you squeeze them!
  • Bubbleezz Jumbo Belle Berrysheep has 3 hidden power charms - squeeze and transform your Bubbleezz to reveal!
  • Each of these squeezy collectibles are inspired by fruit, animals, desserts, monsters, and more! Collect them all!