​​​Freak out the party goers at your next Halloween party! Watch and see how I make this floating brain!

Lucky Penny Thoughts: You just never know what we will make a video of at Lucky Penny Shop! Prior to starting the video I had to gather all of the ingredients. This was filmed over two days because I had to first create the brain and then let it freeze over night. If you are having a big party you could probably make a bunch of brains to use throughout the evening. It worked great and tasted great. Like most recipes you can alter the ingredients and make it to your own tastes.


▶▶ Product Info
Mix the pouch full of sour green apple crystals with water and then pour the concoction into the plastic mold. Toss in the packet of gummy crawlers for texture and let it set overnight in the freezer. In the morning you'll have a weird block of ice in the shape and size of a human brain that glows with an unearthly shade of green. Spotlight the ice brain in a punch bowl or on a plate.

Set contains 2 Brain Freeze Halloween Ice Molds with 2 Packs of lime flavoring powder and Gummy Worms.

▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Introduction/Product Overview
1:15 Package Opening & Instructions
1:50 Mixing Ingredients
2:36 Pouring Mold, Adding Gummies & Freezing
3:52 Frozen Brain, Adding Drinks & Ice Cream
7:44 Adding The Floating Brain
8:32 Taste Sampling The Punch
9:42 Final Product & Closing Thoughts

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▶▶ Fun Translations
Check out these fun international language product translations!

تجميد الدماغ "Замразяване на мозъка" "大脑冻结" "To bude tím" "Brain Freeze" "Caboche" "Gehirnfrost" ". שתיתי" "Congelare il cervello" "脳の凍結" "뇌 동결" "Zamrożenie mózgu" "Cérebro congelado" "Заморозка мозгов" "Congelación cerebral" "สมองหยุด"

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