The kiwis want to go on vacation, but what are flightless birds to do? it's your job to help sneak them inside the fruit crate so they can catch a ride to Paradise. Using your ramp, aim carefully and launch your kiwis into the crate to help Disguise the birds. Group the kiwis of your color in a line or a square to make sure they hitch a ride with their friends along the way! this high-energy, fast-paced launching game is fun for the whole family!.
  • Launch into fun with this tic-tac-toe style family game!
  • Using your ramp, aim and launch the kiwis into the fruit crate
  • Land your kiwis in groups of 4 to win!
  • High-energy game that's perfect for all ages
  • Includes 4 catapults, 40 kiwi tokens, 1 cardboard frame, 1 game board, 1 grid, and illustrated rules