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Snack Attack: A Battle of Bite Sized Proportions

Snack Attack: A Battle of Bite Sized Proportions

Check out these cool prototype toys from SnackAttack.toys.

If you get a chance head over to JazWings and place you vote

Vote for these toys! https://jazwings.com/idea/208

Visit their web site: http://bit.ly/SnackAttackToys

More info from the manufacturer:

Snack Attack is a line of 2 inch figurines. The snack foods are battling it out until the bitter end...or sweet end...or sour ! Each figure has a battle damage feature. Many weapons and shields to choose from. Hands are rotatable and changeable. Peg holes underneath to allow placement on splat display stands or battle platforms where they can duel it out with their opponent. The snacks are restless in these troubled times. The line is drawn. Who will rule the kitchen !!??


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