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Carnivore Club Ultimate Meat Club for Artisan Meats

Carnivore Club Ultimate Meat Club for Artisan Meats

I was really looking forward to checking out this monthly subscription box.  It was very nice of them to send me a box to try on video.  I'm a huge fan of cured meats and enjoy trying meats from different countries.  

Here is a link to their web site to get more information


When I got the package it was nicely protected in a white envelope.  


The box inside was a nice quality and red like meat!  



Each of the Artisan Meats inside were vacuum sealed and labeled with all of the ingredient and nutrition information.



After I tasted all of the meat, I ended up with a nice display for the video.  This would be great for a party of meat lovers to sample and try the different meats.


If you watch the video, and read the description, I listed all of the meats and how I analyzed them based on my love for these meats.  Here is the info repeated here.

1. Salame Di Manzo (Wagyu Beef)
soft chew - nice beef flavor - mild spices

2.  Cremosa Tartufo
spreadable meat - spicy 

3.  Pepperoni
soft chew - really good pepperoni flavor - not too spice

4.  Chorizo
soft/medium chew - spicy and a nice chorizo flavor

5.  Sopresseta Dolce
soft chew - not spicy - closest flavor to a standard salami 

Thanks again to Carnivore Club for sending this box and I hope to show more in video in the future if they send me another box.


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