Bin Day - Help! Do You Remember? Toys, Games, Puzzles, Records. I hope you can help with this video. I remember showing some of these toys in a video with Butch and then other toys got mixed into this bin. I just can't find the video I showed them in. I added the links to the two items I did show on video. Are there items you want to see in a future video from this bin? Let me know and I will try and get to those first. My goal with this channel has always been to document toys and show them in as much detail as possible. This is why I do not edit things out. I feel for the future it is better to have the toy details and show everything about the toy I can.

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Items in this video on video:

Vintage 1980's Tomy Crackbot Motorized Sound Activated Robot

Super Cobra Handheld Vintage Game

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Bin Day - Help! Do You Remember? Toys, Games, Puzzles, Records

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