​​​I get to make the Kracie Popin' Cookin' - Japanese Bento Candy Making Kit. This was a unique kit with all kinds of stuff to mix.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a lot of fun to make and eat! A lot of people ask about the taste of these kits and all I can really say is they are unique for what they are. They do not taste like candy we are familiar with, but tasty enough to know you are eating candy! It does take a little getting used to since here in the USA we are not used to candy like this.


▶ Key Points ◀
0:07 Introduction/Package Overview
0:30 Unboxing/Package Overview
1:31 Parts Inventory
2:08 Cutting Tray & Mat
3:12 Mixing Broccoli (Green Pack)
5:15 Mixing (Orange Pack)
7:30 Mixing (Pink Pack)
9:08 Mixing (Blue Pack)
11:17 Kneading Panda Shapes
13:22 Pouring (Black Pack) Powder For Panda Face
15:32 Pressing Panda Face
15:44 Pressing Panda Body
15:58 Making Panda Ears
17:56 Cleaned Up Tray & Table
18:18 Mixing (Brown Pack)
19:31 Kneading Brown Candy
20:50 Mixing (Orange Pack)
22:06 Piping Bag To Make Noodles
24:33 Removing Fruit Candies From Tray
25:52 Final Presentation & Tasting
27:50 Final Thoughts

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