​​​Time to check out a new Minion Stuart Plush Doll! Lots of sounds and special SFX. Bee-Do, Bee-Do! Watch and see.

Buy Here ▶ http://luckypennyshop.com/despicable-me-2-bee-do-plush-fireman-minion-stuart-doll

Lucky Penny Thoughts: Sound the alarm! Stuart is in the building and ready to go with all kinds of real SFX Movie sounds! Watch when you squeeze his belly and his three siren lights flash and turn! Are you a Minion fan? Let us know in the comments.


▶▶ Product Info
Press the Fireman Minions tummy to hear his original voice, SFX and “Bee-Do” siren with flashing head gear.
Squeeze his left hand for normal chat mode with echo SFX.

▶▶ Watch More Videos
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