Bbuddieez are the new collectibles on the block. Not only can you collect and trade the 26 characters from the first series with your friends, you can also wear them anywhere! The shape of the Bbuddieez characters makes it a snap to attach them to your backpack, hair, shoelaces, backpacks or anything else you can imagine! But wait, there’s more…Bbuddieez characters are from all around the world and you can learn about other cultures and countries on their website!
  • Comes with 5 Bbuddieez characters, 3 visible and 2 mystery/surprise.
  • Includes 1 special Bbuddieez wristband.
  • Wear, play, collect and learn about the world with Bbuddieez!
  • Wristbands hold about 10 Bbuddieez.