It is a balloon bonanza. Color-filled, self-tying Battle Balloons add color to fun outdoor parties, birthdays and other celebrations. One quick rinse and the non-toxic, non-staining dye washes right off from clothes, patios, skin and more. Have fun pelting your friends with water bombs that burst in color. Create a water balloon battle and make fun memories that will last a lifetime. 120 balloon pack features 40 red, 40 green and 40 blue color tinted water balloons - perfect for team water balloon activities and games.
  • 100 plus water balloons filled with non-staining dye
  • Create your own balloon battle or add color to water balloon games
  • Non-toxic, non-staining dye wont stain clothes or skin when balloon popping
  • Get a bunch of balloons filled with red, blue and green coloring for team battles
  • Just add water - these big water balloons tie themselves