Barbie Spy Squad McDonald's 2016 Kids Happy Meal Toy Set. This is the second set for this round of McDonald's Toys

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I like showing Happy Meal Toys. I guess I have developed a style for showing these. I show the box with the toys, then the Happy Meal Box, then the toys and finally the app. I really hope they update the app and come up with a way to scan the toys better. Either way I enjoy playing the games and showing the toys!


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Barbie Spy Squad McDonald's 2016 Kids Happy Meal Toy Set
0:29 Box Activities
2:15 #1 Agent Barbie Toy
3:37 #2 Spy Phone Toy
5:15 #3 Agent Teresa Toy
6:26 #4 Lipstick Light
7:11 #5 Agent Renee Toy
8:00 #6 Decoder Compact Toy
9:44 #7 Barbie Spy Cycle Toy
10:41 #8 Spy Glasses Toy
11:21 The Complete Set
12:33 Phone Game App

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McDonald's 2016 Happy Meal Toys:

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